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leather contrast

I wanted to give a try to these Margiela for H&M leather trousers. I saw some alike ones last year at a  Maison Martin Margiela boutique in Le Bon Marche in Paris, and then saw others at Balenciaga and Givenchy. In the end, I never found the opportunity to get them, and when shopping at the H&M collection, these became the instant option.

 MMM is the best alternative everytime you look at asymetrical and conceptual clothes,  that are in the end even more well thought than other average pieces, and of course,  they fit exactly measured to your body. For instance, this blazer with the tiny exact waist and the leather leggins that are made almost with leather socks too, except (the Margiela concept) that they aren’t covered on the toes. 
Omega watch, vintage angora cap, Maison Martin Margiela for H&M leather trousers and blazer

It’s time to continue preparing the big dinner that my grandmother is in charge of, and to enjoy the day in, with the christmas tree and the whole family. 
Hope you enjoy your Christmas Eve to the top, my best wishes! 




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    "Merci Beaucoup!", for all the wondrous & amazin' "Christmas Cheer & Energy" you've been sendin'! 😀

    May you, family, & loved ones have the "Merriest of Christmases", & happiest of holidays & celebration!!! 😀

    Btw, only you could pull off wearing primarily outfit en noir, & still by virtue of complementary rosy-red cap & ravishingly-rouge lips come off lookin' like some most "beautiful fantasy, under-the-tree, dreamy package" of an absolutely adorable & awesome Christmas gift!!! 😀 <3 xoXOxo <3

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    _______________I Have 
    ______________Come Here 
    _____________To Wish You 
    ____________Merry Christmas 
    ___________And Also, A Happy 
    __________New Year To You For 
    _________2013… I Hope The New 
    ________Year Brings You Loads Of 
    _______Happiness And Good Health. 
    _____I Hope You Have A Nice Day On 
    ____Christmas Day, Filled With Lots Of 
    ___Family Time…..And Of Course Eating 
    __Lots Of Nice Foods, And Candies. I Hope 
    _That Santa Is Good To You As Well And He 
    .Brings You lots Of Presents On Christmas Day 


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