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Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to be a guest at Hotel Le Strato in Courchevel, France.
The journey started with a rendezvous at Gare de Lyon in Paris, and after having a quick café, we headed to our white and dreamy destination.
As soon as we arrived there, we started with a complete immersion into the Courchevel experience. From having our fitting for the Ski lessons to meeting the chef Jean-André Charial, it was all perfectly prepared of us.
One of the greatest things during the trip, was to be guided by the steps of this exceptional chef at the two Michelin restaurant Le Baumanière 1850, in order to create our own Truffle ravioli dish.
It was all an early Christmas present with a delightful taste.As a group of friends, we didn’t want this trip to end. The whole atmosphere was that of a wonderful Christmas tale.
Merci Le Strato and the team behind this unforgettable experience!
PS. I’m back in NYC for New Years. See you tomorrow with another surprise! 



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