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lanvin mornings

Lanvin Vintage sleepwear
I found this Lanvin robe last year  with the tag still on it.  The fabric and colour has kept exactly as I bought it and I can’t describe how comfortable and warm it makes me feel. What I’m writing is a lot like 
what “confessions of a shopaholic” girl would say, but for me it stays so true. I laughed the last time I saw it, because I care so much about the details when I shop and feel so excited when paying for something. And finally, yes, I’ve been in debt sometimes for sliding the card for those ysl or prada shoes, thank god nothing compared to the movie of course… yet..



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    haha sounds a bit "confessions of a shopaholic" but totally worth it ๐Ÿ˜‰ that is such a gorgeous colour ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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    amazing photo-you look perfectly relaxed and chic wearing your Lanvin!
    I love that you shared your story…I always wonder about other bloggers and how they afford all of the shoes and bags and dresses…it was refreshingly honest!
    You look stunning in this photo-love the color
    xo Cara

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    Whenever I watch that movie I'm like, "Is it bad that I know exactly what she means?" Completely jealous of that robe.

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    Hello, Denni~
    This is Min from CeCi magazine!
    I just emailed you about interview request!
    Please check back, Thank you!

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    LOL I think every girl has those shopaholic moments and toughts.. Every time I shop a pair of heels I know I shouldn't I try to talk my mind into feeling good and justifying the purchase.. You just made my day!

    Btw love that robe.. Never had one but this one is so chic and elegant.

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    What a posh, gorgeously hued robe! I'm with you about the plastic– Confessions of a Shopaholic was entertaining but also a swift kick in my butt as a reminder of how bad it can get for the sake of fashion. The ring (amethyst?) is lovely, as well.

    Oh, yes, introductions: I'm Rina, (now) an avid reader of yours. Cheers!

    Only if you'd like to see more of me–


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