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La Suite Duc de Crillon

I recently visited Hotel de Crillon to discover the new experience after they closed the historic hotel for renovation back in 2013. For me, the Crillon represents that magic and yet a strategic place of a palace in Paris that deserved to be facing Place de la Concorde, and the connection to Jardin de Tuileries and all the luxury experience.

Only that this time, not only I came back to Hotel de Crillon, but was able to stay in their most historical suite, the Suite Duc de Crillon. Have you ever the chambers in Versailles or some other ancient European castles, and wondered how would it feel to live there? As soon as I entered the suite by the door that opened to the highest ceiling of a living room that I’ve ever seen, I knew that thought was now solved. For many, many seconds, I remained silent, surprised, and felt in peace. I was hypnotized by the whole living room as if I was understanding a piece of art.


Most of the details of the structure in the living room were kept back since the Crillon family lived here (of course re-painted and renovated), and the rest of the suite was designed to be conveniently modern, in soft hues and relaxing colours. The team was so kind to embroider my initials on the pillows and towels, which made me feel even more happy to be staying there.

The service as soon as I arrived at the hotel was so charming and kind,  and yet personal with that elegant politeness of Savoir-Vivre. I was explained that upon the renovation, every single detail, from the uniforms to the food menu, and the experience itself, were questioned and re-designed to combine the classic experience of this palace with new details of modern experiences that needed to be addressed.

It is not often that I see historical, amazing landmarks taking a modern approach that both respect the architecture and traditions, and understands the easy and warm welcome we look for in many places, and this is why I can’ wait to be back at Hotel de Crillon soon.





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    Quelle agréable visite en votre charmante compagnie – et toujours avec une très grande classe et beauté !

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    I recently visited Hotel de Crillon, too. I really liked the hotel. Beautiful design, everything is very chic!❤️

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    Hoy dije… tengo tanto tiempo que no visito blogs. (Como los viejos tempts) estoy feliz de haberlo hecho. La riquesa visual de estas fotos me hizo muy feliz. Chic all the way ???? Gracias Deci


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