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My muse Kate at the Louis Vuitton runway looking smokin’ hot!




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    I knew she was the closing model of the collection,but I did not know she is still looking so hot. I mean, that's why I love her so much.

    alexandra @

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    she looks AMAZING always. such an inspiration so so so classic. i love her style bc its simple and never overworked or overdone and so consistent.
    (a bit like yours)

    slash do you live in NYC now or paris? NYC is my home but will be in paris seeing family the beginning of april. would love to meet you im there

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    Hmm I guess I'm the only one to not love this photo of Kate. I think she looks tired here and what is up with that cancer stick hanging from her fingers??

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    It only makes it two of us, but I think she looks horrible. And sad she is even supporting smoking, which made her looks so bad with alcohol and drugs of course. Im sorry ppl you are all blind, she looks like an old drug fella. No place for her on runways.


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