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J’adore DIOR

Last September I had the chance to join Dior Parfums at their annual ‘Récolte de Jasmin’ which means Jasmin Harvest. Our program started with a welcome dinner in the beautiful Château Saint-Martin & Spa followed by a day full of activities organized by the Maison Dior so we could experience the Savoir-faire grassois which allows this region to be a pioneer and master in perfumery in the world. It was a short stay but it was enough to fall in love with the beauty of Provence and all its olfactory surprises.

During our second day down south, we visited Le Domaine du Manon which is one of the oldest family-owned states that produces Jasmin for the house of Dior. They explained to us how every day as soon as the sun rises they are ready for the flower pick-up which will last for at least  5 hours. During this period of time, they manage to pick up between 10 and 20 kilos (normally, in order to produce 1kg of absolute essence equals 800kg of Jasmin!).

After the Jasmin harvesting, we headed to our second location of the day: Les Fontaines parfumées. The offices and creative laboratory of the ‘nose’ or ‘le nez in French of the house, Monsieur François Demachy. There, we discover the creative and challenging process of creating the perfect fragrance. Precision but also intuition are necessary and both of them are acquired with the right amour of practice but also with innate passion and curiosity for new smells.

After an atelier for the creation of our own fragrance *in which I totally messed it up :p, we headed back to the cars towards our final stop: Le Chateau de la Colle Noire. A place so magical that I would like to save for another story at Chicmuse.

I wish you enjoy all the images of this amazing journey!





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