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It´s all about fashion

I`m sitting in my room, thinking in the perfect line to start this post and I just realized there is no perfect line, you just have to write everything you think and see what happens. I`m Denni, a 20-year old girl, crazy about style, about glamour and about everything in the world of fashion. And this is what I want to show you, how everything about me spins around this. I love creating new looks with the clothes, being different and unique, that´s when comes the style. So this is it, a little about me. 
I hope you like it and see you later.



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    I think it's amazing to see the where it all started and now you're just so far, it's amazing that were able to sit down and watch the last year of your life, your amazing life, I can only say one thing. I wish I was you.

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    Waw this is your first post, I can not believe it, see where you are now, now you're just so far, all the runs that you could follow, your style change.
    And especially in two years, you appear on more than 5 magazines and represented by brands like H & M or american apparel, it's really awesome, amazing!
    honnestly, you give us the chance to believe in your dreams! you're an inspiration. you are, somehow, a muse for some!
    Your blog is amazing!
    see you succeed and fullfil your dreams gives hope for another! excellent!
    I just want to Thank you ^^

    PS: sorry if my english is bad, but i'm better in french 😀 :/

    Selma B.

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    All the other girls said it all! I dunno if i can add anything, i searched also to find ur first post, it's so exciting to see how you have developed and got so far! like Selma B. said u really are an inspiration!

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    Wow, a great first post. I was totally curious to see how this all started out! Love to follow your travels and the evolution of your since of style.

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    Happy to see I'm not the only one who wants to see how it beggan. You're just amazing, hope you will continue to make us dream. Thank you.

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    i was pretty curious to see your first post and i'm very pleased to see that you have achieved you goals and have made your dreams come true . this is what i'm working for too , so check on my blog : you will get daily updated fashion news 😉
    with love


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