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As promised: some of the pictures from my trip to Italy.
The day I arrived there I could
feel the different vibe. When being at Firenze I had to get back to hotel room, first, because
I wouldn´t had used those big heels all day, second, some italian men yelling some funny things 
to me…Anyway, I enjoyed those extremely long walks all day, and 
how to finish the day but with some of the best pizza 
I´ve ever tasted.
The sky was always a marvellous blue, and the weather was hot as hell. 
Of course visiting the Giant Coliseum , the Trevi Fontana, and Venice, oh Venice. 
Romance is just a feeling living there.
I´m glad of how exhausted I came home, not regreting walking around Italy, and living just
another dream.
PS.Stay tunned for the next part. Greece!!!!



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    I love italy! aaaaahhh there are no words!! now that read this all i want to do is go there!!
    i love your blog too

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    I loved Italy but I have to recognize that Venice was not as beautiful as I thought. The place disappointed me a bit while Rome won the heart of me.

    Olga xx

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    beautiful, just gorgeous!
    love the black/white pic, you in the floppy hat w/ socks, shorts, heart-shaped purse, cute flats- tourist chic!

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    I FREAKIN LOVE THESE PICTURES!!! As soon as I saw it, I was like "Italy??…OMG ITS ITALY!!" like it was an old friend. lol. I remember being in the 2nd, 3rd and 6th picutre! Anyways, thanks for the comments. Visit again sometime!!


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    Gorgeous images… thanks for sharing. I've been to all the cities you mentioned here, so I know what you're talking about. Venice is definitely the most romantic place I've ever been to… it's in the atmosphere. I went to Rome earlier this year and going back to Firenze in November… can't wait! And yes, flat shoes are definitely a must when walking around there! 🙂

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    How exciting and so beautiful!! Love your outfits especially the I Love NY t-shirt, the striped top, and the very cute hat! 🙂

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    Hi! I'm Italian and I'm happy that you like my country so much! There are very nice place here… you can see something on my blog (look the beach pictures, there are from South Italy)!


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