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interviewing Z Zegna’s creative director, Paul Surridge

Last week I took part of the first Ermenegildo Zegna ‘hang-out’,  and also the first time I focused on a different side of the industry: men’s fashion. We  interviewed Paul Surridge, the creative mind behind Z Zegna collection, and chatted among other things, of the way a man’s style should be, current trends around the world, and even a man’s must-have piece ( which for me was -almost evidently- a white classic shirt). I enjoyed every minute of that half an hour.
I admire creative persons like Paul, that even though are full of talent and big responsibilities, remain humble and kind. Thank you very much to Paul all the Ermenegildo Zegna team for letting me be the only woman at the hang out, it was an honor and pleasure. Men’s fashion is my next priority and style to keep learning from.
Simone Marchetti, Dapper Lou, Matthew Zorpas and  Denni Elias interviewing Paul Surridge



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