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in Qatar with Corto Moltedo

Some Instagram photos I took/found/received from the event and during my stay in Doha!
The word that describes well my visit in Qatar is definitely ‘NEW’. Last thursday I landed in Doha, invited by  Corto Moltedo & Haute Muse magazine for their special event at the Torch Doha hotel, where I stayed too. 
Just as  I stepped out of the plane,  I felt a hot (34ºC) breeze of this warm exciting city, and I already knew I was up for something exciting and very new for me.
Arriving to the hotel in what it felt like 5min, I went to my room and changed in another 10.  I went down to the exclusive Corto Moltedo event where I got to meet the most lovely and welcoming Qatari ladies. Everyone was so attentive, that it made me feel instantly at ease just like I was already among my friends, and like in my home. 
Next day was all about exploring the hotel and having photoshoots taken with Corto’s new collection (Feeling always the italian craftmanship since Corto produces and designs everything in his own fabric in Italy)and to get to know about him and his concept too.
On my third day, I had the pleasure to spend all the time in company of my friend Noor, that took me to one of the most beautiful Qatari houses (not only talking about architecture itself,  but because of the good vibe and the people who live there). We then headed for a shopping trip to the Vanity Room(where I got spoiled too much *will share with you the beautiful items I got there tomorrow* and ended up having a night trip to the Souk(the traditional middle eastern market where you can find from the most beautiful fabrics to all kinds of spices around.
Visiting new places every time enriches me and allows me to get to know a little more of the amazing cultures around. Can’t wait to come back here!
First photo by Karl Moreto

Thank you to Corto and to all the people involved during mt stay in Doha and for making this trip just as cool as it was!
 You can follow Corto on his twitter and sign up for new updates since their online store is opening very soon!



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    Sounds like an incredible experience. Qatar would be a very interesting place to visit. Great outfit with the bold pink/purple of your skirt! Beautiful .


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