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Hôtel de Sully

American Apparel bodysuit, American Apparel tank-top, Acne sandals, Prabal Gurung x Linda Farrow sunglasses, Zara trousers
I remember I got this bodysuit just when I started Chicmuse, and that I shot it wearing it with just with heels and standing on a pile of magazines. Bodysuits and tank tops like this always refresh me so much – as it does American Apparel- and at the same time they make me feel very me. Wearing it also reminds me that I have always felt so free while blogging, and how it is the best(& fun) way to express what you feel, share it with others; and that if someone is out there for riding along with you, then you just got it all.
Thanks for reading!



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    Love AA too for their bodysuits…Stay free like a blogger because your photos/outfits are one of the best on the blog (by originality and location)


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