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hey sailor

Sailor 4b

Sailor 0b

sailor 2b

Sailor 5

Sailor 8b

Sailor 6b

Sailor 9b

February 2016, Manhattan Beach, California

One month ago my life changed. As I graduated from College, I no longer have to divide my time between work and my studies. I feel different and I´m still trying to get accustomed to this new life.

For this, I decided I needed a change of scenery. Winter in New York can be too extreme for my taste, so I flew west to sunny Los Angeles, at least until the start of  all the fashion month . Honestly I cannot wait to be back on track, doing what I love best, traveling and discovering constant new adventures to share them with you.

These photos pay a tribute to how I feel right now: like a sailor about to embark in an adveture, filled with  curiosity  and excitement. I am ready to explore what the sea and life in general will offer me.

I am happy to be back writing here in this personal journal for you. I thank you for being here!

Until next post…


Wearing : Bulgari sunglasses, Zara blouse and pants



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