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H&M Blues feature

But I`ll start with the Miu Miu campaign this season!
Every detail is defined, well fitted and in someway girly.
The patterns and shades of colors are really vibrant, and I find everything really useful.
I think all the collection was really elegant and fresh
Plus, all of the shoes really got into me! I want at least one pair of them!
Anyone who doesn`t like those little birds and cats?
This last pair of shoes is, though is difficult, my favorite one.
I was checking everything on the net today, a usual sunday, preparing myself and
watching all uploads of fashion weeks in NY and Milan, and then I remembered I posted a look
for an H&M contest in lookbook (you should consider participating!), the theme: “The blues”.
H&M editors and stylists would pick 5 winners per week: They would be seen
in the H&M webpage ( plus a 100 euros gift card)!
And just like that, I get in the H&M website, click on the blues section, and I was there!
(one of the 1st 5 winners!)
I was really happy!
You can see it on the collage they did here
And thanks editors of H&M for choosing me!
PS: As I told you next week is FASHION WEEK IN PARIS, I will be always around there to
take pictures of everyone I Love, luckily I`ll meet someone else there!
I`ll try to POST EVERYDAY!, so stay tunned!



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    Loving the Miu Miu, but she's looking exxxxtremely thin don't you think?

    Oh and I love that denim on denim look; mind if I post your pic in my denim post when I write one?

    Stace x


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