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Good mornings

I love those great mornings in days like these.
After finishing not so many things I had to do, 
I went to “La tarte Tropezienne” and bought (seriously) the best quiche lorraine
I have ever eaten. On my way back home I got the French Glamour and I found
great and funny being there to one side of “Edward Cullen”, where maybe
it could have been even better that Kristen Stewart was the one featured from
the Paris fashion week and I was the one acting with Pattinson… After this,
I was excited to receive an order I got via , with an amazing
packaging(c’est très soigné!). But believe me, the best part is still inside 
and I can`t wait to show it in the next post.
Good morning everyone!
PS. I am featured in “The Skinny” , the F21 blog, thank you very much to the Forever21 team!
Click here to see it.



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    Im on the edge of my seat, I can't wait to find out what It is.
    and I adore your wedges in the past post.



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