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gold rush

I’m sorry for taking so long to post this week. It was time to finally finish the year activities. These weeks were so busy that as of today, I had not have the chance to buy my christmas tree and all decorations – and will solve this today.
 I can now enjoy time with my family and loved ones, and work on many things I was waiting for, this Christmas month. I’m getting a rush of everything gold,  and it goes well with the feeling of shopping while everything in boutiques and shopping malls is over-adorned. 
Christian Louboutin shoes, Isabel Marant jacket, American Apparel high waisted shorts



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    Though only one pic, still well worth waitin' for (especially, when a lady's gotta take care of necessary business) since it conjures such mystically golden gorgeousness! Can palpably seemingly sense the utter cozy comfiness ambiance! 😀

    Evokes marvelously magical, sensuously alluring, & enchantingly elegante stunning beauty; which if somehow so lucky/blessed to experience, indeed, would be an "aahhmazing rush of gloriously golden, celebratory moments!!!" 😀 <3 xoXOxo <3

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    PS: Love how the lamplight illuminates, with wondrous golden mystique effect, alchemically creating romantically golden night(light) of beholding breathtaking beauty of one "soo sensuously gorgeous, Denni Elias!!!" 😀 <3 xoXOxo <3


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