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Givenchy meow!

Exactly two weeks ago, my heart STOPPED. I entered the Givenchy boutique, and the first thing I saw was the black panthers and their fierce eyes looking at me. A minute after, I just focused my view on this bag. I felt fragile, seduced, and hypnotized by every detail it had, and I knew I finally had found it. It was the perfect bag!
 I love the dark-sided view of Givenchy, and this time, it  went deeper and more provocative than ever. I’m fascinated by their fall collection, and specially by my new bag. 
Meow meow!
Bag by Givenchy fw2011, silk shirt by Zara, Make-up M.A.C



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    wow!!! i am really blown-away by your first pic. in modeling dictionary, that is pretty-ugly! you definitely, hit it! i am looking forward for more interesting pics from your blog! kudos!

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    You are really beautiful 🙂 I just think if you want to keep your legs and toes beautiful, you should wear those between-toes-pillows to keep them in straight line, so when you get older you´ll still have beautiful and not twisted toes 🙂

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    Wow! I love your new bag, I love your style and I love your blog so… I'm your new follower.

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