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Gentlemen’s club

Stella McCartney trousers, Zara blazer and shirt (man’s) , Christian Louboutin pigalle 120 heels
The Stella McCartney clean, tailored and androgynous look is not just that. The fact of being totally covered by any sculptural suit makes it more seductive, and still sporty. It’s easy chic with the men’s club look!
 I got these Stella trousers in NYC, and every detail of them feels extremely special.
  I’m leaving for Milan today later. Start packing and get prepared for pizza, strong café, and very, very exciting shows all’italiana! 




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    I love how classy and classic this looks! Women sometimes forget that they can rock a suit as well. You look elegant and feminine. You look beautiful as always!

    Check out my New York Fashion Week pictures!

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    You're right, there is a certain seductiveness about structured menswear on a woman! I think the reason it is so appealing is because it is not conventionally considered "feminine." When you switch things up, and shock people with a totally different kind of sexiness, it becomes its own type of beautiful.

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    Denni: estoy descubriendo tu blog y me encanta! Estudio en el ITAM y no tenía idea de que eres toda una personalidad en el mundo de la moda. No sabes el gusto que me da ver que siendo tan joven estés haciendo lo que amas y seas exitosa! Toma mucho valor enfrentar el mundo, felicidades <3


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