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Tokyo Fashion’s Night out in Omotesando

Taking in mind that the FNO in one post could be way too long, this is another part 
with some picked and descriptive photos to give you an idea of the scenery there. Can’t believe there 
is still another memory card waiting to be downloaded and even several videos of the event, which I should start working with now.
 I realize that  my love for Japan grew even more than the last time. Enjoy! 
  1. Costume National minimalistic store
  2. Fashion’s night out candy (the only snack I had during 8 hours of visiting boutiques)
  3. Outside the Cerulean Tower hotel in Shibuya, where my car picked me up
  4. Taking a photo with my new Olympus at Costume National’s Aoyama concept building, luxuriously simple.
  5. Ornament at the American Embassy’s party with hosts Anna Wintour and Michael Kors.
  6. Completing the sequin mannequins at the Dolce&Gabbana store.
  7. Themed dressed up character when arriving at Costume National
  8. At the Michael Kors store with Carolina
  9. London-like FNO bus.
  10. More sequins
  11. Emporio Armani edition line for the event.
  12. Disco ball in Omotesando
  13. Costume National ads, at the Aoyama building. 
  14. Matching lips and coat at CN. 



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    you are the f**king coolest blogger out there. all the other girls look like they are trying super hard, you look like a star next to all of them. there is no comparison.

    mademoiselle mimi

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    Looks like you had an AMAZING time!
    Your dress is fabulous, and you look stunning in it!
    Living the dream? 😉


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    I would never get tired of scrolling this post for your breathtaking dress…I think you were the best dresser among other bloggers. I feel really bad that i missed such a momentum event, a total, absolute spectacular!!! Come back to Japan soon, sweetie!!!


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