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Egyptian portraits

Versace for H&M necklace
Statement accessories like this have the capability to transform and give a new theme to anyone’s look. I wasn’t sure if the necklace gave me a feel of an ancient vampire (was it the lips too?) or an egyptian. I loved it either way. 
ps. If you will be buying / have bought something from the collection. What is IT? So curious to know what are everyone’s favorites



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    Perfect necklace!

    I managed to get faux fur vest, red earrings, pink dress and gold dress.. definitely not gonna keep both of the dresses, but I wasn't able to choose which one I like a bit more 😀

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    NATALIA KILLS COPIES YOUR STYLE XD hahaha, love ur blog soooo damn much, best blogger. best style, cutest and everything else, u go girl!:D

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    We love everything about these portraits. From that amazing choker to the hair and make up. It has an amazon feel to it too.

    The collection has a black leather trench with gold studs and it's probably our fav piece!!


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    love the pics!

    i didn´t buy anything from the versace collection..i am saving money for the dragon tattoo collection 😀

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    You look stunning! <3

    I bought the black studded low back dress, small black studded bag, blue shawl and the bracelet that is similar to your necklace. So happy with my purchases! 🙂 I also love the silver dress, black leather dress and jackets but due to lack of items in store/lack of funds I didn't end up buying those…

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    the palm legging (blue with green palms)
    and the beautiful woman jacket with leopard arms !
    I put the huge bag in my room with every stuff in it, I look at it every morning and I'm just like "OMG!"

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    The second one's my favourite… love the unfocus on your lips but the bold statement necklace in the middle… perfect!


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