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#Diorbackstage with Peter Philips

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I believe beauty must come from within our own perception of ourselves, and express this by truly believing it. This is a statement that Peter Philips, Creative Director of Dior Makeup would agree with.

Having the pleasure to interviewing him moments before the FW17 Dior show last week, Philips believes in highlighting each women’s individuality. The creative director of Dior Makeup connects with Maria Grazia’s vision, which is all about giving back power to women and bringing a cool factor to it.

What about this show, what’s the difference between last one and this one?

PP> Maria Grazia likes the girls fresh and natural. In this show, we went for something darker while framing the face. A bit of no makeup/makeup. Following with Maria Grazia’s vision we want to highlight that the statement from her first shows was not just a trend. Strong women, strong girls, very individual.

Now with social media constantly influencing our decisions, what would you say to the girl or boy-next-door in order to enhance her/his own beauty?

Beauty is a two-way street, you look good – you feel good. You feel good – you look good.

Any woman can be beautiful and social media helps to reinforce this.  I truly believe in not trying to find others people’s beauty in yourself. Find your own.

My personal philosophy: I like to enhance (makeup can be used to enhance or cover up). Don’t let it become a stress factor because that kills the beauty of it. Being relax is a key factor for beauty.

What about your favorite and latest release in Dior Makeup? Which one is it?

Bella Hadid is the new face of our latest release, the DiorShow Mascara. What I like about her is that she knows how to wear makeup and she makes it on her own.

What is important about this new mascara is the Innovation formula and packaging. It gives you nice thick lashes. You can squeeze it, and you can warm up the formula. Heat helps to reactivate the formula. A very simple and practical solution for a regular problem.

Merci to the amazing team at Dior makeup and to Peter Philips for this great experience!


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