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Denni x Diesel video campaign

My video of the Diesel campaign, “FityourAttitude” is now up! I normally  share what I do and I like by photos and  by writing it, so shooting the video was  showing a different side of Chicmuse ( I only had done it once when we shot some chapters of my fashion week for Korean TV) and of me. The main objective of “FityourAttitude” was to show a bit of my thoughts and my own person. 

 I’m so glad and excited to  finally share it with you! 
Denni Elias for FityourAttitude campaign by Diesel ss12

ps. Special thanks to the FashionNetworks team for the fun and easy time  through all the shooting!



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    I don't think I have any better words to describe style and fashion! It's exactly how I viewed the two of them and you've explained them perfectly.
    I really enjoyed the video! It's nice to see a side of you which we've not really seen before and I agree that you should make more videos!

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    My first comment here on your blog, despite the fact that I've been reading it for a long time, but it is needed!
    I absolutely love this video! I didn't want it to end, because it was so beautiful.
    The surroundings were beautiful, you looked beautiful and you're styling was beautiful.
    You look so (Paris) chic, and I'm falling more and more in love with how good you look with your hair up like that. It's beautiful (do I use that word too often right now? XD).
    I'm deeply impressed. Even more than I normally am by you, and I can only hope, that there will be more videos like this one in the future <3


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    What a stylish and well-done video, Denni! I love that black blouse you were wearing with the gold embellishments…and the jeans, of course!

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    Great video, I've loved learning more about you and see you movieng. That was really cool, keep going!
    xoxo from France

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    Hi Denni! You're such an inspiration to me so it was fantastic to actually see you talking and explaining the significance of fashion. I love this video! Congratulations on this wonderful opportunity! 🙂

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    Wow finally getting to hear to voice behind Chicmuse is amazing. You have a certain charm and uniqueness behind the way you speak and move. And Your principle on how personal style meets mainstream fashion is spot on 🙂

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    Beautiful video! I agree when you say fashion and style aren't the same. It is so logical !



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