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Daria, Welcome to Las Vegas

“Daria is the girl I work with the most. She has a natural, strong beauty. You can put her in a white tee and she will make it look fantastic. I like Kate [Moss] too, because she cares about clothes. Most models don’t care what you put them in, they just play the game.”- says Emmanuelle Alt, via 

I’m too excited to get  my hands on the new Vogue Paris issue. A simply huge boost of Daria Werbowy 
styled with a whole lot of spring. 
Images via oracle fox



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    I lolve love all the pics, but the fisrt OMG!!
    By the way, are y mexican? Can i comment u in spanish?? Do u speak a perfect french?! Did u move to Paris when u were a kid or later on??

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    For me, im still waiting on the US Vogue! They always come out late where i am from. I should check out the Paris Vogue too then, I would sell my soul for Daria's legs, holy mamaaaa!


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