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I had been waiting to rest in front of a view like this just after the first winter month in Paris. 
I hope you enjoy your summer!
Los Cabos, Mexico



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    love this photo!! it's so pretty there!!
    please share more photos if you have!!
    though i've never been there before..
    but i really enjoy your photos!!
    thanks for being so inspiring always~~ 😀

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    Enjoy your vacation Denni! I'm sure you deserve it.
    Your last swimsuit post was stunning by the way. So great to feature a piece that's not a super tiny bikini, although you would have the body for it…

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    It's so nice that you are relaxing in México! I'm from Monterrey, so I really appreciatea pool or the beach because the temperatures are so hot! I will love to go to cabos soom.
    Have a great trip the pool seems amazing!

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    Saludos !


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