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cross Versace

Interviewing Donatella Versace at the exact time where they are celebrating their new e-commerce launch, and then attending the Versace and Versus shows (where Beth Ditto performed incredibly to the Versace style), -all  three things (+20 others) in one day  of the Milan fashion week-, made today not only the biggest and busiest one, but the ideal perfect fashion week day (in my mind).
To complete it, I wore this  Versace coat from the Fall collection. If you have ever worn something you like so much that  you would like to wear it all the time – and because it also fits you the right way- , then this would be that piece for me. I would wear this coat all this Fall. Crosses, royal colors and black velvet is the exact combination I was looking for.
Versace FW2012 coat



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    Could I count the ways in which I love this look? I could, but it would take way too long.

    For starters: the work on that jacket is impeccable! What else would you expect from Versace, though?

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    J'ai aussi flashé sur ce manteau de la dernière collection. Il est sublissime… la pièce idéale pour cet automne.


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