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Coyoacan, Mexico

One of my favorite parts in Mexico City has always been Coyoacan, in the south of the city. The colonial architecture of the houses is so traditional and beautifully old,  that it is easy to just walk around the neighborhood in an afternoon with the always perfect weather, and to get a nice coffee or churros and chocolate. Furthermore, is where “La Casa Azul”, Frida Kahlo’s house, is located.
Thank you for the  beautiful words in the last post of my Vogue Italia feature, it was so great to be able to represent Frida Kahlo and Mexico, because of their valuable meaning to me.
I’m now back in a snowy Paris, ready to keep with this incredible beginning of 2013!
Azzedine Alaïa suede boots,  Balenciaga shorts, Uniqlo turtleneck, mexican handmade poncho



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    ——-*coyoacan dreamgirl*——-
    backdrop, of 'ole rustic, glories
    aged architecture, yet, still fine
    lo & behold, a beatific presence
    sweetest vision, of lady, divine!

    finely garbed, en noir & rainbow hues
    from head-to-toe, truly goddess, lore
    soo striking, soo breathtaking, beauty
    god how not, but to so utterly, adore!?

    Denni, e'er your "lovely dreamy & enchanting", beauteous inspiration!!! 😀 <3 xoXOxo <3

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    Muchas felicidades por tu foto de Frida Kahlo en Vogue Italia!!!!!!!!!
    Derrochas elegancia!

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    synergy: the increased effectiveness that results when two or more entities work together

    Denni, this here "post's so powerfully, brilliantly beautiful," feelin' compelled to share one of my lil' "stylesays," so please bear witn me… 😀

    For following the theme of the above definition, there's a truly "mystical, magical synergy" at work/play in this "exquisitely elegant" outfit of yours. Really, couldn't help but wonder, exactly what you might follow-up your sensational Frida Kahlo impersonation post with, ya know!? 😀

    & Voila, here you somehow "magically, poetically do it justice" in followin' previous post, as you "soo sweetly, creatively work" the "simply, homely, locally inspired poncho" into a "most marvelous & lovely dance-of-sorts" with high-end Balenciaga & Alaïa apparel! 😀

    I mean, you possibly couldn't have found/chosen a more "perfect & ideal backdrop" to so dramatically highlight & accent the "extravagantly rich & so vibrant colours" and amazingly stunning artistic designs of that chic poncho! As 'gainst such "stark noir background of apparel," one can almost palpably feel/sense the "brilliant bursts of colours & imagery!" And with poncho itself having "noir backdrop," all the more dramatic-effect of it "interweaving/blending beauteously so" with rest of outfit. With poncho's frilly-extensions seemingly playfully wrappin' lovingly 'round your arms & virtually sweetly huggin' your sexy torso! ALL, with this over-archingly sensational sense of "profoundly, passionately, beautiful & loving sense of pride" of ethnic-Mexican culture & heritage! 😀

    So what at first seems sorta a somewhat "inexplicable beauty," becomes kinda comprehensible considering the virtual "mystical marriage" or "makin' sweet love" synergy (entities wondrously comin' together to create an absolutely splendiferous/fantastic energy between…!) as Denni, you so "magnificently, majestically, & truly elegantly work & rock" this here dynamically fabulous combo!!! 😀

    "Yeesss!", "Coyoacan dreamgirl" & soo "very lovely enchanting & fondly damn dreamy…," INDEED! "'Be still my heart…', as j'adore et je t'adore, sweet babe!!!" 😀 <3 xoXOxo <3

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    PS: …and I'd be really remiss, Denni, if I didn't make mention of your "brilliante brushstrokes, finnisimo" of "freakin' matchin' colour-explosion sunnies," et bien sur, signature ravishingly-rouge lips!!! 😀

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    Jsi nádherná a máš úžasné fotografie. Moc děkuji za Tvůj blog, Fandím Ti! Lu 🙂

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    ——*parisian moondance*——
    —-(spiritual dance partners)—-
    ne'er been, hardly lovlier, sight
    glorious jewel, of nocturnal, sky
    so brilliantly, bedazzling, bright
    beholding together, aahh, to die!

    parisian moon, appears, to whisper
    esoteric message, of sweet romance
    spirits attuned, embrace, each other
    come together, in enchanted, dance!

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    Hi Denni!
    I want to know in where part of México you bought that poncho?
    Im going to df soon so please I want to know where to buy one 🙂

    ps: Congrats for everything you have done!!

    :* FlorG

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