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Couleur Noir

Times of something with less skinshowing and probably  in
 a more classy theme. Le chic noir.
“Now let’s make something with a real color” (says Audrey Tatou as Coco Chanel
 in the movie).
I’ve always had an admiration by pictures in black and white. I can think that the lack of shiny colors make the picture even more intense (at least for me).
American Apparel wool cape, Frankie Morello shoes, wolford tights, f21 hat 




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    i love black & white too. there is something so classy & rich about them.
    almost little secrets.
    love your glossy long dark hair & your eye make up.
    beautiful lighting too.x

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    Absolutely beautiful outfit, you look particularly stunning in this post! Like you said, times are calling for something more ladylike lately…I like that this outfit is a perfect example of how to nail understated sexiness.

    Alexandra xo

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    you really look gorgeous here…maybe black&white, your long dark hair and that cape make this post one of the classiest ever:-)

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    Je vois que tu aimes la France ^^
    I love too, it's my country, the best country. Chic, classe, élégante, raffinée, they are the best parisian words !
    Your serie of photos is an honor to the french fashion !


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