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Cooler Cooler

It’s cooling cooling and I just remember books of old Paris where women used to walk all the Champs Elysees with
amazing coats and chic attitudes with red dark lips.
wearing: Emporio Armani fur.



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    Love this photo and the fur shawl. It was getting cooler in Florida but now it's warm again! I could seriously go to the beach today.

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    Is that real fur? I've always loved your blog and I loved following you, but this is too much. If this is what fashion is, then maybe I'm just too compassionate for it.

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    Here's the thing: I really like your blog and you're such a pretty girl with an amazing attitude.

    But real fur? Absolutely not cool. Not because of the fabric itself but because of the torture of animals which it stands for.

    I'm sorry, but this is disappointing.


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