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Coca Cola light

I had been into collars since Paris fashion week (and I had loved them since kindergarden),
and when realizing in the MiuMiu St. Honoré there were collars with the print of the season, 
I quickly knew I had found my perfect accesory. Luckily two days after I had bought the collar
I received a call home saying the shoes I wanted at first had arrived in my size. I’m in love.
My MiuMiu tribute with the Karl Lagerfeld CocaCola-light. I never knew I would see Karl
when drinking my Coca bottle, and although I would prefer to drink the Coke with Karl, I love it.
It was truly fair to make this tribute after expressing so much my addiction to the MiuMiu spring/summer.
MiuMiu collar, Gianfranco Ferré pants, AX dress, Miu Miu satin shoes.
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    Love the outfit, and the Miu Miu shoes and collar! Great Coca Cola light as well, unfortunate that they don't have it here in Budapest.

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    Love the look, the slim pants are gorgeous and a good match with the collar sweater! I have always loved collars too 🙂

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    WOOow I really like the way your satin shoes "fetishistically" match your RED lipstick (on such a Girly / burlesque-like mode) . . . AND the way your back cleavage Here sounds as such a carnal delight through your finery's darkness !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

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    I've never seen that coca cola bottle before, pretty cool!

    About your insanely gorgeous Miu Miu heels waht more can i say?! 🙂


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    So striking I love your styling, the cola bottle and the Miu Miu's you are such an incredible blogger and I always look forward to your stunning concoctions!
    fashion clocked Would really love it if you called by. Katie.xx

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    I absolutely LOVE this Miu Miu season, the prints are lovely, especially the swallows. I love those shoes, and the collar! 🙂

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    I absolutely LOVE this outfit.
    you must earn quite a bit to buy Miu Miu- your so lucky 🙂

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    Miu Miu is everywhere those days. Every single blogger or fashion addict got these shoes or this collar in the whole world, it's just amazing to see how a trend can spread as quickly ! Anyway, I agree that Miu Miu is doing very nice and eccentric things. 🙂

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    oh wow!! the shoes!!!! the shoes!!! I cant take it anymore! I have to have themmmmmmm.

    oh, and- the outfit is great! (:

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    You already know your shoes are THE most coveted at the moment, so I shall not bleat on about their awesomeness (though they are EXTREMELY awesome)

    I love the collar and your outfit homage to Karl. Brilliant post!

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    im so jealous of your miu mius. they are the best pair ive seen on a blogger yet!

    F <– Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

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    Those are my favorite shoes of all from this collection. I love the black lines across your foot on the front. So lovely. And the collar! MM!

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    OMG O__O i rly love these pics and god those SHOES :—D LOOOOVE
    and ofc you are beautifullll ^_____^

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    I think that outfit is absolutely amazing! I love the Miu Miu shoes and usually I don't like clogs. The Cola is totally cool I saw a commecial about one with shoes on but I don't know where I can buy one? 😀 Keep on the good job ;F

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    i ♥ your blog.
    Those miu miu's are magnifico ♥

    Please follow:

    Eda ♥

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    Love the outfit – the shoes are gorgeous. Have just posted on my blog about a sweet little pair of Mui Mui-esque knock off printed satin clogs for those with more dash than cash. Have a look!


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    Ta tenue est magnifique, tes chaussures miu miu et ton col miu miu sont magnifiques, tu es magnifique !


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    Amazing post! Your outfits always leave me inspired and in awe. You really know what suits you well and how to wear the seasons key pieces. I love how you paired the colorful MiuMiu pieces with an otherwise very simple and dark outfit – really makes them stand out!

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    Beautiful look! Love your shoes!! They're absolutely gorgeous! I like how they match with the the Coca Cola bottle.

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    Ah mon dieu je veux ces chaussures chaque fois que je les vois ! Mais c'est trop cher pour moi.
    Si un jour, tu souhaites les revendre, je suis là !


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