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YSL shoes, Kate Moss for Topshop blazer, Zara blouse, American Apparel white shorts
I always like to play wearing small shorts or dresses and then adding something 
that makes the outfit more classy. I think I’ve gotten more white clothes this year than all of the other colors together, I hope the summer stays longer!



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    You always look fantastic in all white! For some reason, all white or all black just always look so classy. I'm so glad you pair your outfit with those YSL shoes! They are the perfect match!

    Cup of Fashion

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    I love this – it's such a fresh, clean chic look and perfect for the summer sunshine. I'm packing quite a lot of white for my trip to Paris this week – hope the weather stays nice.

    Eda ♥

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    I've got the same pair of shorts! Love them !
    All white is always a great look for summer
    ps. I love your legs!

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    i like how you play up your hair this time, it looks nice 😀
    love the all white with different style/color shoes, it looks amazing!
    you look fierce

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    seemingly "mini-miraculously, magically!", recently commented upon your "stunning, statuesque beauty" bein' somewhat alike eiffel tower… 😀

    & VOILA, here you are in absolutely amazingly wondrous juxtaposition! what awesome photography/photos!

    perfect, ideally impeccable, très chic-elegante summer's outfit, makin' ya look like livin' darling dreamdoll! 😀

    luv how it brilliantly highlights/accentuates your "most fabulous tan!" & by your stride in these pics, it seems apparent you don't merely walk/sroll, Denni — you "gorgeously glide…," babe! 😀 xo<3xo

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    how is your style so flawless? i love of the white together. especially the blouse with the blazer. the shoes are perfect with this outfit.


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