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Christian Louboutin

After months of searching these sold out shoes around the world, I finally found them in NYC.
For me, this is simply the epitome of the high heel.
Took this picture outside the Louboutin store, desiring to see asap how they looked, and then went to have breakfast at Pastis. Ideal lunch break.
 I love them!
Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 shoes in black patent



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    oh wow, perfection on heels!they are gorgeous!


    by the way : i have a sheyna jewelry giveaway on my blog right now 🙂

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    LOVE those! I'm searching for the perfect pair of classic black heels.
    But a lot of people say the Louboutins are quite uncomfortable, is that true? Because I think these are the most PERFECT looking heels.

    With love,

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    First I read "they went to have breakfast" instead of "then went to…" but I truely believe that this pair of heels can have their own will sometimes 😉

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    Love those shoes and NYC inspires you so much to wear them! I've got them after being 6 months on the waiting list at net-a-porter.

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    these are phenomenally fantastic. (and well deserving of both adjectives).


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