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Chicmuse for Vogue Turkey

Recently I was asked by the great Vogue Turkey team for a project, so I could 
make some outfits for them for an entire week. This week I’m being featured and this is the first one I did for them!
It had been some time since I hadn’t worn these Marc Jacobs shoes, and truth is, they are still among the favorite ones.
I’ll keep you posted with the coming shoots!
Thanks to Vogue Turkey!
Click here to watch the article and images
wearing: Marc Jacobs shoes, American Apparel shorts and tshirt, vintage belt



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    These shoes remind me of the Wizard of Oz… how can you resist temptation not to click your heels 3 times and say "there's no place like home." Delightful!

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    you are the cutest thing ever! i luv your exoticism. what's your ethnicity? and what agency are you with in turkey? my friend is modeling in turkey right now! 🙂


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