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Casino Barriere

After a having an actual great and time at the Casino in Deauville while playing the slot machines ( where luckily I only lost 5 euros), we went out to the terrace to take some sun while having a coffee and watching the sea. I miss it!
I found this Chloé blazer in a vintage store, and haven’t really found of which season it belongs to, because it looks like it was never worn before. The patterns and short geometrical cut are so beautiful, just the perfect slight combination of MiuMiu and Louis Vuitton this season.
Chloé blazer, Gianfranco Ferré pants, RayBan sunglasses, Christian Louboutin heels



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    You get the best vintage finds! Where do you shop?

    Also, the structure of your blazer is phenomenal. Looks simply stunning with pants of a simliar fabric. It's a great twist on your contemporary casual skinny pant.

    The Quiet Spaces

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    You look so beautiful Denni!!:-) i really like your vintage jacket – no matter the season hehe;-) i like that you matched it with your trousers in a different pattern, look very chic – but then again you are the chicmuse hehe;-)



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    so gorgeous- so frenchy!
    love your bright red lippy again.
    and the outfit you're wearing looks so haute couture.
    subtle prints, fine designs.

    ps. I'm really starting to like your Christian Louboutin collection.
    you seem to wear them all the time 😀


    Style Hostess

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    I absolutely love this look! The black and red work amazingly well together, and you have such an amazing style! Gorgeous as always 🙂

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    Мне померещилось или ты и в правду ответила на русском языке? 🙂
    Замечательный лук, заряжающий вдохновением! В ближайшее время попробую нарисовать иллюстрацию на основе этих фотографий!

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    you're style is just perfect, all work you do is just amazing, you can match everything and it will look just great!

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    How come I never find such items in thrift stores? Actually, the answer might be because I never go to thrift stores 😀
    So jealous, the coat is amazing! Would be interesting to know the year it is from, maybe you can contact Chloe to find out?

    Anneli x

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    LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog and will happily follow. If you want some swedish decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at


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