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candles and ribbons

I like how this whole look suddenly became magical and even witchy. Apparently, I became quite obsessed with using laces like this velvet one around the neck since the beginning of this year.
 These photos remind me a lot of The Craft (movie), with teenage girls that conjure curses and spells.
American Apparel velvet crop top, vintage jewelry, Gianfranco Ferré pants, Christian Louboutin heels



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    arrrrrfff you are so amazing deni 🙂
    you look absolutely gorgeous and i am swooning over your amazing bod!
    loving the cross choker

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    this all black outfit with that vintage necklace is so good!
    so crafty. like how you're so slim that you look so stylish in anything hun.
    and of course, the classic make-up : red lips + eyeliner. so chic~


    Style Hostess

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    Ooooo love the pics and nice outfit. Kind of reminds me of the 90's, with the whole crop top, the chocker cross necklace, and the make up. ^^
    It also reminds me of Charmed (a tv show ^^)
    I loooooooooove your snake skinnys soooo much, and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOUR SHOES! ♥ Sooo perfect shoes ♥


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    ok ur necklace is freakin amazing! the last pic is stunning! ur body is sooo fit! love ur skinny arms, gorg!!! wow!! nice posing, and those black legging make ur legs look long, but im still more into ur perfectly shaped arms! wow!! sexy sexy–


    xx nathan.niche


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    I really love this pant, and specially how the pant is perfect with these Pigalle shoes.

    Much Love, ThePeppyMay

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    It looks magical in deed Denni:) i love crop tops, although i'm a little too shy to wear the look myself – need the perfect high waist pants to go with the look at least;-)

    I love your gianfranco ferre pants – i love that you used them in quite the number of chic outfits!! They look great in every single one!

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog – i was really happy and it was the perfect start of the weekend ❤


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    I used to have a choker like that minus the big cross, in my teens. Loved wearing it.
    The pants are really it

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