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california plaid

It feels much better to use a sweater and tights for a chilly weather, instead of 3 coats and pants and tights (like in Europe). Time to go to Santa Monica to enjoy a big walk today.
Camilla and Marc sweater, American Apparel tights, vintage shirt  YSL shoes




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    Merely "california plaid" descript is so seriously lacking and does "no real justice," as this bold-plaid-pattern alongside two optically contrasting stripe-piping sleeves, make for an "awesomely fun, fresh, funky-fabulous" look, babe!!! 😀

    And by virtue of your imaginative twist of sweater dress avec tights & classic-clean-crisp white shirt as base; Denni, you come off "so stunningly arrayed" and with complementary lips de rouge & dreamy-dangling, flourish of hair — well, altogether, absolutely impressive statement of "nobby gorgeousness, rockin' style!!!" 😀 <3 xoXOxo <3

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