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Parisian Cabaret

This is another shoot for American Apparel (And one of my favorites!!) .
Wearing the Disco Shorts, the new Loose Crop tee and the Unisex Wool Beret.
Wearing the red beret with my repettos felt some kind of parisian, just needed
a cigarette in my hand and (I wish now) the Eiffel tower behind me..
If you ever wondered about sexy shorts , you wouldn´t miss the exact solution,
this ones are insanely sexy, shoes or pumps with them are both perfect.
I ´m taking long in getting them, but promise you will see them soon in real life
(at least in mine).
Lovely weekend!



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    I was just looking at those shorts on the AA website! I was considering buying them 🙂

    x Ingrid (THE SHOWMANSHIP)

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    wow, i am so dumb. i have been following your blog for ages and only now realized you are one of the models i see on my desktop at work every day (i've worked for aa for two years now)!

    beautiful as usual.


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    I'm not a huge fan of the red beret yet it seems to fit in so well here simply because of the shoes and the high waisted shorts.

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    u have such amazing style
    i am a follower of your blog now.
    keep up the great blogging

    check out my new blog 🙂

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    Hi, just had to leave a note for you to say what a beautiful blog you have here. Interesting, creative posts and great pictures as well – perfect ! Thank you for sharing them and best wishes…


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