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 It is an extra bonus to find things you can use everyday, any season. These boots and jacket have been both so useful since the day I got them. Each time I use this jacket, I forget it is quite attiring, so when I ask myself why people is  giving a longer-than-normal-time look at me, the one taking the photographs says:  “remember you are a walking gold shining balloon, that’s why they’re looking..”
The fact is that I love all about it, the light-almost metallic fabric and esthetic detailed print on it, and it’s just perfectly cozy and warm.
Isabel Marant jacket and boots, Zara shirt and jeans



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    Witaj Moja Droga!
    Ponieważ bierzesz udział w projekcie pt. 'w świecie wirtualnych szaf' to chciałabym Cię prosić o nadesłanie kompletu w postaci stylizacji i opisu najlepiej do jutra, ponieważ tak ja pisałam w mailu muszę wysłać w środę projekt na brudno do wydawnictwa.
    Proszę Cię o kontakt na

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    Your jacket and boots are amazing! You look awesome as always<3 please visit my blog and become a member if you like it ! I already follow you and like reading your fabulous blog! xo nadine from

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    what an amazing outfit! love the jacket.
    remember visiting this blog a lot a few years back, now im bookmarking it so i don't forget 😉


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