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Beijing days

Visiting a new city is always a pure rush of excitement for me. Getting to eat traditional food -finally chinese peking duck!-, adapting quick to a new one or 2 week life, and even to hear different music is something I enjoy deeply. Beijing was no exception, and it resulted in the best way to discover China for the first time. A crowded and big and diverse city where I actually learnt how to bargain (came back for the first time with more local souvenirs than clothes), and where our driver the whole trip kept us teaching from everything chinese.
These photos are a glimpse and summary of what I did the last week, including unbelievable chinese sights like the Temple of Heaven and the Forbidden City, the fresh and early breakfasts at the Opposite House hotel, city views and buildings – like the CCTV square building of chinese tv-, local stores, souvenirs and overall helpful outfits. Hope you enjoy the big compilation!



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    your heels are so amazing!
    I've been there about 4/5 times and i miss it so much now!! :))
    loving the food there:)


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    wow China seems to be very intresting city! i love these photos and I'm very eager to see new things even just through photos. 🙂 I would love to travel China and see it but I'm still a bit unsure because of its human rights and politics etc. ;s

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    so glad beijing is treating u nicely, the weather looks nice

    BY THE WAY! what do you think about MARGIELA and H&M COLLABORATION? I'm SHOCKED!
    I wrote a post about it on my blog, pleassse tell me what you think about it— seriously! omg…

    xx nathan.niche


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