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I took these photos back at the cool Mama Shelter hotel in Istanbul. 
Arriving to our room to see batman masks beside the bed,  after walking by a corridor printed with eggs (hence Mama Shelter) and “mama loves you” as a phrase all around the hotel, made a perfect and relaxing stay to complete the beautiful and rich experience I had in Istanbul. I was excited to see this new spot after their hotel here in Paris, and it definitely convinced me to go back soon again. The gourmet barley and tasty homemade pizzas at the colorful restaurant did it too.
Nike sneakers, American Apparel leather shorts, GAP tee




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    ——–*"holy batgrrl!"*———
    ♥ ka-pow!, wow!, sha-zam! ♥
    knockout, beauteous, via cam!
    ♥ soo gorgeous, thou am!! ♥

    😀 <3 xoXOxo <3

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      ——-*l'art de style*——-
      ——(l'art de l'amour)—–
      ♥ expression, exquisite! ♥
      batgrrl gorgeous, au dior!
      ♥mag-ni-fique, j'adore!♥

      😀 <3 xoXOxo <3

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      ——-*heavenly plunge*——-
      ♥ sweet lips, seem, to hold ♥
      gorgeous glories, in de 'midst
      ♥ heaven's, sublime, kiss! ♥

      😀 <3 xoXOxo <3


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