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It instantly cheers me up to see a beautiful dress. It doesn’t 
have to do with trends, or designers. It is more about a 
garment that naturally belongs to women. 
This vintage Balmain dress,  from the 70’s, is created perfectly;
 it’s handmade work,  the inserted crystals, the huge amount of
  fabric and the tailoring. I admire it and am impressed by 
every detail in it. It is really what couture represented back 
in those decades.

This post makes me remember that I started the blog for my honest
 passion and admiration for everything within the fashion 
industry, and for the willing to express my own voice (and of course have some fun!). I’m really 
thankful, happy and satisfied because until today, I still 
continue making Chicmuse for the same reason, and I thank you for
 being here and letting me share with you what I truly like!
Pierre Balmain vintage dress 




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    yeah denni, you've outdone yourself this time! This dress is beautiful on you and it was as if it was meant for you.

    Please check out my blog if you have the time, and offer some comments/criticisms. I would really appreciate it from a fashion muse like yourself 😉

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    That's exactly why I follow you…although I don't know you personally, I can sense your earnest, honest attraction to the fashion world…not blogging for materialistic gain..bravo D, bravo

    Style Anthem

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    As always you look stunning!
    Keep up the amazing work! Blogosphere wouldn't be as good as it is without you! It's you what makes it special. 🙂

    Sounds like an amazing event! The detailing put in every piece is worth watching it! Really beautiful.

    stop by my blog
    xx Brigita

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    This post really made me smile. I think us readers are more thankful to have a big blogger, like yourself, still be true and honest to the things that you post to share with us by sharing the things you truly love. This is one of those dress that when a woman puts on, she truly feels beautiful! You look fantastic in it!

    Cup of Fashion

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    Oh, this is like a dream dress! You look so great in it, just like from a Disney fairytale!
    Such class, Balmain…

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    I love your post, the dress is amazing.. And what you write is so right!!! You really make a success with your blog… I have the same dream for the passion of fashion.I'd really love to have you among my Followers on Bloglovin 🙂
    Follow my blog with Bloglovin



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    Wow Denni! the dress is amazing..and i like very much the fact that u keep on writing on chic muse because of your passion..FASHION!

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    You do actually look like a black swan. Amazing look. Imaginative and retrospective. It reminds me why trousers/jump suits or pants can never ever really compete with a dress……beyond fabulous look….

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