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There are definitely thousands of words to describe this icon, this woman, but after all, I will just say some few words:
I consider her a symbol of elegance, of style, of a chic woman, of luxury.
For the past last months, I had really become an admiror of her, but on my late nights in internet,
I found Anna isn`t just that, she has a great story of work, of career, she is an intelligent woman,
that deserves everything she`s got, and more.
I will quote a line she said after talking about what she has learnt and done throughout her life:
“So always be curious, keep yourself moving, leave the door open and keep your eyes focused. It `s hard but it is worthed.”
getting a little out of the speech, I frankly admire the amazing way she has to enjoy and show
the latest trends and clothes, it isn`t just that she dresses so well, but she knows how to do it well,
and she loves it.
This one is for you Anna.



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    i just love that she loves clothing so much, and not just trendy things, she wears everything and anything that she finds to be beautiful. it makes us all wonder why we spend so much time on "grunge" and "edgy" because she wears things that are just pleasing to the eye and it seems to work out for her quite well.

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    oh my.
    that belt is simply amazing.
    I love what your wearing Denni, you look so chic.

    Theory of a fashion victim

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    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, it really means a lot to me!

    I think Anna Dello Russo is so great too. The first picture of her is amazing πŸ˜€


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    You can tell from her style that she approaches everything with an open mind and takes risks. I admire her syle and her outlook so much!

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    You are fabulous and you absolutely deserve the amazing opportunity to meet (and talk to!!!) the amazing Anna Dello Russo. Love your blog, Denni πŸ™‚


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    She is certainly a fashion icon. But I have to wonder, doesn't it get tiring looking so put together day after day after day? Does she ever look longingly at someone wearing jeans and comfy boots?


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