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American Apparel

Remember I told you I did something exciting in NY? Well
this was it! I modeled some new styles for AA! Being at the American Apparel studio with amazing persons was
totally exciting. Here is one of the new bodysuits, of course I already got it
for myself . It´s gorgeous and versatile, and sexy(I´m getting the bloomers
for sure too!). It feels great watching this pics
in Japan and Korea and everywhere websites.
I also modeled some other things for AA.
Hope to show it here later!
(buy it! you won´t regret!)



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    Wow! Two things…1st is that you look absolutely beautiful and 2nd is that you rock that body suit! Oh and I also forgot the 3rd is that I love that body suit for women. Of course you should probably style it a bit more but I love it! I love AA. Keep doing your modeling because you do it really good! I wish you the best of luck on your career!
    check out my trendy blog!

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    Congrats on the AA gig. That bodysuit is hot! I think I may have to get it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like yours a lot and will def be back 🙂

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    You are so American Apparel material (but wayyy better!) Congrats on the contract, dear.

    PS: Do you ever visit You look how I imagine her to look! SUPER. 🙂


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    positively gorgeous! i have been searching for a leotard JUST like this one for a while now.


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    I've been looking for a lace body suit, this is perfect.
    Doubt it look as good on me as it does on you though.


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    Congratulations on the modeling gig! Your shots look great. Sorry it took me so long to get back over here, there's no excuse really, I'm a slacker.

    Thanks for the encouraging note. xo

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    thanks for all your comments! this bodysuit is gorgeous! of course each one could use it gorgeous. ( at least women!!) I just got to Rome. I ´m posting soon. just let me take some pics!


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    Ok, I started following your blog, it's great. You are one beautiful lucky girl to be modeling for AP. How did you get in?

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    Wow you look stunning! It is indeed a fabulous piece, and so easy to combine with other amazing garments (as shown in the second photo)
    I haven't seen this in the nearest AA-store yet, but I'll keep my eyes open.

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    thanks for commenting 😉

    wow, I love the looks with this body… I have a white and a black myself, I probably will try one of these. But I will have a bra on. Im not that daring!

    Love your blog and your outfits, ans oh my god thats one gorgeous header!!
    Exchange links?

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    how cool is that??? congrats girl! the lace bodysuit is a definite gorgeous 🙂


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