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almost structured

 This Carven coat has resulted in one of the most useful buys I’ve done. While it is simple, its hard fabric makes it almost structured, and this luckily makes it an easy dress-up piece. Perfect when april in Paris returned now again to cold weather. 
 Carven coat, Topshop jeans, Stella McCartney heels, vintage shirt



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    Hi Denni! I wanted to say you're a big inspiration to me. I was always in love with Paris.
    When I think of its style, I like to think of your style.
    Can't wait for the next post!! xx

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    usually don't like the black and white combination but this is really great!

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    As always, I am not only adoring your taste for style and chicness but also your perfect makeup.

    xxx from paris

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    I really admire the structure and silhouette to this. The way it sort of puffs out in the back really does look kind of structured! It's funny, your coat actually reminds me of the jackets my parents wore in the 90s lol!…Which is not a bad thing because I think it's cool how you styled it in a fashionable way.

    The Quiet Spaces


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