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a FNO with Vogue

Last thursday I was in Mexico City to celebrate Fashion’s Night Out at a very VIP Vogue style. 
Last year it was Tokyo in november and NYC for Fashion’s Night Out, and I just discovered each one has their very own essence – the 3 have been too much fun. As for Mexico, margaritas, martinis and a lot of music in the Antara shopping mall and Masaryk Avenue were just too great. And for the first time I got to meet many many readers around! 
I started my trip at SaksFifthAvenue in Santa Fe to see the Elie Saab store, and went down to Antara for the ceremony and after visiting the stores there, I gave a last walk through Bulgari , Louis Vuitton and finished at a very private party hosted by Vogue at the Ferragamo building terrace. 
Thanks to Ariana and all the Vogue team, and to all the persons that approached to me and said hi! It really felt like home. 
I was wearing a dress by Stella McCartney (I finally found it!) and shoes by YSL

El jueves pasado estuve en la Ciudad de México para celebrar – por la primera vez en México – una Fashion’s Night Out al estilo Vogue.
El año pasado tuve la oportunidad de ir a los FNO de Tokio en noviembre y Nueva York en septiembre, pero realmente es difícil comparar entre los tres, pues cada uno ha tenido su propia esencia – y demasiada diversión. México significó margaritas y martinis, mucha música, y un excelente y emocionante ambiente (al menos en Antara y en Masaryk). 
Me dio mucho gusto conocer por primera vez a muchísimos de mis lectores en México!
Mi recorrido empezó temprano en SaksFifthAvenue en Santa Fé, pues visité la nueva -trés chic – boutique de Elie Saab, y siguió con la inauguración en Antara. Después de visitar algunas tiendas, fui llevada a Bulgari, Louis Vuitton y terminé en una fiesta que Vogue organizó en la terraza de Ferragamo.
Gracias Ariana y al grupo de Vogue México, y también a todos los que se acercaron a saludarme y conocerme! De verdad me sentí en casa   
Usé un vestido de Stella McCartney y zapatos de YSL




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    Gorgeous dress and it goes so well with your dramatically long hair! Only sucky thing is it looks like it wrinkles quite easily eh? I hate it when nice clothes do that.

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    You look so beautiful in red! And the cut of this dress is perfect too. Looks like you had so much fun in Mexico!
    I like DJ's eyelashes so much!!!!!

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    hey I am in paris for a couple of days..can you recommend any good second hand shops? or typically french little boutiques? would be great! thanks

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    you are such an amazing young woman. So beautiful, smart and good hearted person. I like how you share these special moments in your life with your blog readers. I always wanted to find someone to look up who is similar to my age and you are one of the girls. You are truly an inspiration for me. I wish all the best for you!


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