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4 It Girls Of Tomorrow- Refinery 29

I was honoured to have a feature with other 3 great and interesting girls by the Refinery29 team.
Flattered to be in “It girls of Tomorrow” and thankful to Refinery 29 for it. 
You can read a brief info about each of us here



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    wow! nunca imagine que fueras mexicana, pensé que podrias ser indú o algo asi, y con tus piernas larguísimas menos! felicidades denni, me encanta que cada vez mas mexicanas sobresalgan en la blogesfera, tu y andy me encantan, acabo de iniciar mi blog que aun no es de personal style, pero quise empezar con algo. Por cierto ¿cuanto hace que te fuiste de México?

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    Denni!!! you and I have the same favorite song Friendly Fires Paris ft. Au Revoir Simon, Aeroplane Remix. haha I read your interview with Refinery29 and I couldn't believe it I'm obsessed with it – maybe because one day I'm gonna live in Paris…:)

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    I hadn't seen your blog until the Refinery 29 post and I was so excited to read about a Mexican blogger living in Paris. I'm Mexican-American and have been desparately searching for blogs with a bit more diversity; so happy I found this one!


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