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My public talk (Moscow)

Two months ago, I received the invitation to lead a public talk for the University of Moscow and MEGA shopping malls being interviewed by Russian Glamour editor. After that,  I instantly started packing for a new experience to add to the wonderful works I’ve done throughout the existence of Chicmuse. 
There was a slight pressure for me, as university students, fashion insiders and editors were expecting to hear my experience and details of everything I had learnt and worked for. A big audience was gonna be looking and hearing every word I said.
When the time arrived, everything happened in the smoothest way, and I was able to share every detail I initially expected to say to that amazing and warm Russian audience – where many were so alert and even taking notes! – . In the end too, the event came together with 6 big interviews for major magazines in Russia and  a shoot for Vogue Russia).

I want to specially thank Zoya and Arthur for organizing such a greatest stay and experience  for me in Moscow. I am counting the days to go back to Russia, and repeat this unforgettable experience.



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    Looks like a great experience.
    That is so sad to think that some kids go through so much it really makes me grateful for my parents and their guidance. Also these kids are lucky to have a kind hearted person like you Wendy. You look lovely and love the chunky necklace.

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    "Wow!", so happy for & proud of you, Denni, for having had such an absolutely awesome & amazing of experiences! Your first, premiere public lecture/presentation which went apparently "totally terrific & smashing!" 😀

    Now, I could jus' leave it at that & be done, right!? NOPE, no way, as I realize rather well jus' how relevant & significant an occasion it was for ya. And how pricelessly, personally rewarding & fulfilling it ALL must have, had to have been! 😀

    First, true to "style Denni – sui generis," you sweetly & smartly dressed the part, my lady. As not too "formal or fussy" nor either "too informal or lacking" in outfit presentation; but simply totally perfect for such a setting, with bold monochromatic noir palette (so suitable, colour-compatible for whatever the backdrop) with lil' beauteous brushstrokes of red nails & lips, and the fascinatingly-eye-grabbing gold-patterned blouse, seemingly symbolic for "truly golden, gorgeous goddess/princess!" (& allow me bit of personal note, "over-the-moon excited/impressed" by such, as black&gold my college-fraternity colours!). Altogether, brilliantly captivating Sweetheart, w/out bein' the slightest bit distractive to possibly take any attention away from your eloquent words! 😀

    And embodying what seems a most fundamental, critically significant underlying principle of any truly impressive fashion statement, "to be comfortable in one's skin" whilst lookin' soo good — you "sensationally nailed it," Denni! As you come off truly stunningly striking, & all the while bein' "so ultra cool, calm, collected, & confident," babe! 😀

    Et finalement, by virtue of how raptly attentive your audience seems (as they appeared literally hanging-on-your every word), which I most assuredly predicted & sensed they would be, as I recall (such an easy one, haha!) — as you apparently spoke so very passionately & eloquently from-your-heart Dear, naturally & nearly effortlessly sharing, pouring forth of your "truly amazin' & wondrous chicmuse/journey/experience…," well, pray-tell how could they really help but be literally under your "sweet, sweet spell, soo spellbound," baby!?! 😀 xoXOxo

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      & of course, Denni, "Hearty Congrats!", & "Merci Beaucoup!", for your lovely, photographic sharing…!!! <3:D<3

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    What a fabulous opportunity for you and your Russian followers! Your black outfit you wore was so fresh and perfect for a speaking engagement! Was just chic enough without being distracting to the speech!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

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