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Tuesday Tunes #10 Combo Denni & Ruy

A Fashion, Music, Playlists story written on December 14th 2016
hola, hello, bonjour !!! This Tuesday Tunes, Ruy and I decided to combine some of our favorites songs in Spanish. Both of us grow up in Mexico City and ever since we met when we were about 12 years old, we have never stop dancing and laughing together. In this...

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Tuesday Tunes #9

A Music, Playlists story written on November 30th 2016
Hola this is Ruy! This week Tuesday Tunes series #9 is inspired by those songs that you discovered over a late night alone and for some reason they became your personal secret hits. Luckily you discovered them after they were popular, or they were never popular enough. You enjoy everytime...

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Tuesday Tunes #6: Sargent Hardy’s playlist

A Music, Playlists story written on November 8th 2016
Hola! This is Ruy - founder with Denni at Chicmuse- we started it all many years ago! This week we have a special guest here: Ned Hardy. I met Ned this summer in NYC. Just after dinner, cocktails and some uber drives together, his curation of songs  convinced me that he should be...

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