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Musée Bourdelle

This month that I have spent more time in Paris, I set apart some days to visit exhibitions and museums that I usually never have the chance to visit. I happened to discover Musée Bourdelle for the first time, and the iconic Bourdelle statues and marble works were paired with the new Balenciaga exhibition. Both collections and the space were so beautiful that I decided to go back to take these pictures with my friend Pauline. The exhibition is a must in case you are in Paris!

I have been traveling a lot around Europe lately and will get together some stories to share with you.

Also: It’s my birthday in 2 days! A surprise travel on the way.


Photos by Pauline Darley



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    La force dégagée par les sculptures (on sent l’influence de Rodin) met tellement en valeur votre délicatesse et la finesse des talons… Tout simplement magnifique !

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