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Sintra, Portugal

A City guides, Lifestyle, Traveling story written on May 2nd 2016

April 2016, SINTRA Portugal  Photos by Mathieu Lebreton This year, my birthday travel destination was Portugal. I was excited to discover Lisboa and Sintra in a real and meaningful way to me.  Last time I was there, it was 2014 and while still relaxing it was only to spend three days…

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la vita a Roma

A Lifestyle, Traveling story written on March 21st 2016

While Milan feels familiar and my friends there always make it feel like home, there is something about Rome that makes life much more magical and monumental. When you go up a terrace or turn around in a street and suddenly the Colosseum is right there in front of you,…

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Marrakech allure

A Lifestyle, Traveling story written on December 30th 2015

Marrakech, November 2015 These pictures were taken at the Marrakech museum last month. Whenever I travel to a new destination, I like to find special garments in clothing that represent the culture there. For example,  this mini red hat, is a common find at the Souks there. I also manage…

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