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On life choices

A Experiences, Lifestyle story written on October 6th 2016

Mexico City, October 6th What are those simple pleasures in life? To me, life means to enjoy it little by little. Having your favorite cup of coffee or tea in the morning while listening to a great song. However, there is also another kind of pleasures, those ones that will…

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Cactus de Cartier

A Experiences, Lifestyle, Traveling story written on August 2nd 2016

July 2016, Marrakech, Morocco. This July, Cartier invited us on yet another unforgettable trip. To add to the excitement we were only made aware a few days before our departure date that the Cactus de Cartier collection release would take place in Marrakech. A standard trip to Morocco would usually include an exotic tour…

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Casa Wabi

A Experiences, Independent, Lifestyle story written on June 24th 2016

Casa Wabi, Puerto Escondido, Mexico. How can we potentialize development and help communities grow when, over time, we see that charity and money by itself are not the answer? Casa Wabi –an initiative by Mexican artist Bosco Sodi– is an example that seems like a suitable solution in our current society. During our…

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Palazzo Fendi in Rome

A Experiences, Lifestyle story written on March 14th 2016

Last week, Fendi surprised us by literally picking us up after the last fashion show in Paris to take us in a private plane to Rome. We were there both to celebrate the end of the fashion week, and most importantly to join Karl Lagerfeld, Pietro Beccari, and the whole Fendi family…

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Dia de Muertos, Pátzcuaro

A Experiences, Lifestyle story written on November 12th 2015

  Pátzcuaro Mexico, 2015 Before the end of October, I decided to spend the first days of November in Mexico. I skipped the Halloween parade and parties in Manhattan, to instead spend quality time with my family, and to experience the biggest celebration of Dia de Muertos in Pátzcuaro, a small town located in…

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