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Paris best coffee guide 2017

A Fashion, Lifestyle story written on December 21st 2016
If you follow me on Instagram ;) , you'd know that what one moments I enjoy the most though out my day, is when I drink my morning or afternoon coffee (oui, I normally like to have two during the day!) Having lived in Paris for quite some time, I...

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In praise of you

A Lifestyle story written on November 20th 2016
Ode to Paris. An eternal love was born here, between you and me. City of lights who saw me transition from naive and afraid teenager to curious and stronger woman. I will never leave you behind. And I will love every second. I will always cherish the days we have...

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City life

A Lifestyle story written on October 18th 2016

Hola! I am currently on my way to Paris for some new surprises and work! This post is a ¬†quick summary of the lucky weather that there is in Mexico City. Growing up as a kid here, I always assumed that a sweater (sometimes not even a jacket) was enough…

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On life choices

A Experiences, Lifestyle story written on October 6th 2016

Mexico City, October 6th What are those simple pleasures in life? To me, life means to enjoy it little by little. Having your favorite cup of coffee or tea in the morning while listening to a great song. However, there is also another kind of pleasures, those ones that will…

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